1. Gunpowder factory: REXPRO HUNGARY

MIL-EXIM Co. Ltd is the owner of Hungarian gunpowder company that is located in Balatonfűzfő, near Lake Balaton, approx. 110 kms from Budapest.
The main product is the REX gunpowder that is a one-base gunpowder, available for civilian (mainly sport) users and for military applications also.
The factory owns 30 hectares of land near Lake Balaton and nearly 14.000 m2 ground space building complex.

The managing director of the REXPRO Hungary Ltd. (Gunpowder company) is Mr.József Csala.


2. Upgrading of ammunition plant stations

– As a supplier, our company has upgraded ammunition plant stations for Asian and European countries.
– The upgrade includes: the cleaning, repair of all elements of ammunition, but does not include filling the ammunition with new powder and TNT.


3. Armaments modernization

Our company has two strategic partners in the development, research and production activities related to armament modernization programs . These are HM Arzenál Zrt. (a company fully owned by the Hungarian MoD) and TELETECHNIKA Engineering Ltd.
Our main activities on this field:


3.1 KUB Air Defence System

We have a contracting partner in the United States (Victory Procurement Services LLC) for a few years time. Based in the requirements of our US partner we have delivered some modernized 1S91 type equipment in the past years.

3.2 Modernization of Russian produced radars

Our company offers a full overhaul and modernization program for next type Russian produced radar systems: P18, P37, PRV16, PRV17, SZT68U, P14 (P18 introduction) (click please)

We also participated in the modernization program to upgrade Siemens-type long range radar systems for the Hellenic Air Force. In this program, our company provided certain subsystems to change the high-frequency receiver part and digital data processing.

3.3 Border security systems, protection of bulidings and other goods

SAKER Portable Surveillance System (SPSS-1000) (click please)
This is a short-range, portable, and versatile scanning system, which is suitable for detecting and tracking targets moving on the ground or close to the ground (people, animals, and moving objects). Their distance, velocity and size can be determined.

The system is ideal for monitoring borders and free spaces, both military and civilian secured areas. Its low weight and mechanical design allows easy and rapid installation and transport.
The structure of the system ensures usability even in extreme weather conditions (heat, sunshine, snow, rain, fog, sand etc.), resulting in reliable and accurate measurements.